Blizzard Entertainment has announced the newest expansion for digital card game Hearthstone. It’s called The Boomsday Project, and it will add 135 new cards when it drops on August 7 on PC and mobile.

Warcraft goes full on mad-scientist courtesy of one Dr. Boom and his secret laboratories. The Boomsday Project will add nine new powerful legendary spells and a new card type called Projects, which appear to grant bonuses to both players when played.

The new keyword Magnetic appears on some of the new bot minions. They allow you to fuse with existing minions by playing them to the minion’s left, turning them into a buff spell rather than a minion. Omega cards grant additional bonuses if you wait and play them when you have reached 10 mana.

The Boomsday Project will also add a new single player campaign called The Puzzle Lab. Details about The Puzzle Lab have not yet been revealed but expect a heavy dose of mechanical, science-y themes and experiments.

Blizzard will host a card reveal livestream on July 23, beginning at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern on twitch.

Two pre-order bundles are available now for The Boomsday Project. The regular bundle includes 50 card packs, the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back, and a random Golden Legendary card from the new set, for $49.99. The Mega Bundle includes an additional 30 card packs for a total of 80 (plus the other goodies) for $79.99. Each bundle can only be purchased once, but you could purchase both.

The Boomsday Project will release an August 7. Hearthstone is available on PC and mobile devices, and rated T for Teen.

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