The newest expansion for Frontier Developments theme park sim Planet Coaster, The Studios Pack, is out today. The Studios Pack adds a slew of movie-themed rides and props, as well as some new features. It’s available via Steam for $10.99.

The Studios Pack is all about transforming your park into a Universal Studios-style theme park. It includes three new rides that would fit the Hollywood theme:

  • Big Screen Tour: Electronically powered tour buses, which can act as either a transport ride or a tracked ride through a backlot-style experience.
  • Re-Motion: A modern simulator tracked ride with robot arms moving seats in all directions, and a giant screen.
  • Horror Heights: An accelerated drop tower ride that’s designed to work within Planet Coaster’s modular building system.

In addition to the rides, The Studios Pack adds a host of new walls, props, tiles, special effects, audio tracks, and animatronics.

Additionally, Frontier just released the 1.6 Update for Planet Coaster. This free update comes with several quality of life improvements, including a new tunneling editor for creating better tunnel paths.

The major new feature are hotels. Hotels will need to be beautified and maintained just like a ride. They allow guests to rest and return to the park, allowing for more guests than what its park rating would normally allow.

The Studios Pack is the third major expansion released for Planet Coaster, following last year’s The Adventure Pack and The Spooky Pack.

Planet Coaster launched in Fall 2016 as a spiritual successor to the beloved RollerCoaster Tycoon series sim theme park series. It mostly succeeded (read our review). Planet Coaster is rated E for Everyone.

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