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This week Electronic Arts and Maxis have announced, and launched, The Sims Mobile for iOS and Android mobile devices. It is free to download with in-app purchases.

“In The Sims Mobile, we’ve dramatically increased the fidelity and quality of Sims and the various environments they play in,” said Creative Director, Brandon Gill. “Creating unique, completely customized Sims, building a dream home, and exploring exciting careers have always been tent-poles of The Sims franchise. With The Sims Mobile, we’re able to bring players those time-loved features with new, highly detailed customization options in Create-A-Sim and Build Mode. Players will find that new guided narratives and immersive social features give The Sims Mobile a unique blend of delightful gameplay experiences and social platform-inspired connections.”

The Sims Mobile features the core gameplay that made The Sims series so popular nearly two decades ago. Players can create their custom Sims, build and customize their homes, and form relationships with the Sims around them. Sims have their own careers, hobbies, and personality traits.

Sims can interact with each other by using Stickers at social gatherings, commenting with Cute, Hot, or Fabulous. Relationships can be friendly or romantic, with riskier social or career moves granting bigger rewards. Sims can also start families and pass down powerful heirlooms to future generations.

In relates Sims news, The Sims 4 released on console (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) late last year, while the PC version saw the release of the latest expansion pack, Cats & Dogs. The Sims series is rated T for Teen.

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