The Lunar New Year, which celebrates the beginning of the Chinese New Year, is also the time for another Steam sale. The Lunar New Year Sale features thousands of discounted PC games up to 75% off. There’s definitely a missed opportunity here for highlighting dog-centric games, as 2018 marks the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese calendar. The relatively brief sale ends February 19.

Each day new deals are highlighted, though all the discounted games can be found right now. Recent highlights include Wolfenstein II ($29.99, 50% off), ARK: Survival Evolved ($19.79, 67% off), Pyre ($5.99, 50% off), and Cuphead ($16.99, 15% off).

Also hitting Steam at the same time is an update to Wishlists. If your wishlist of games has become unwieldy (as mine has), you’ll appreciate the new sorting options. It works particularly well during a Steam sale, as you can filter by games with 25%, 50% or 75% off. You can also sort if a game is in Early Access or officially released. Finally, you can add games to your shopping cart directly from your wishlist. If games have multiple versions available (like a Deluxe version) then the link takes you to that game’s store page instead.

The Steam Lunar New Year sale ends February 19.

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