Mobile tech company Fingerprint has launched Kidomi, an all-in-one, subscription-based app for children (ages 3-8). Kidomi features over 100 activities across top kid-friendly brands including Toca Boca, Crayola, and Dr. Panda, as well as some original Fingerprint content.

Currently Kidomi is only available on Android devices, coming later this year for iOS and PC. Subscriptions are $7.99 per month, or an annual payment of $59.99 for 12 months. It includes a 7-day free trial, and zero in-app purchases.

“Apps stores have thousands of kids’ products to choose from and parents can find the search for good content overwhelming, so our aim with Kidomi is to find the very best premium play experiences from every corner of the world and serve them up in one place,” said Nancy MacIntyre, Co-Founder and CEO of Fingerprint.

Kidomi includes a variety of interactive activities including ebooks, puzzles, games, drawing, and videos. Content has been curated by educational experts, adhering to the Common Core Curriculum for language, math, reading , etc.

The all-in-one app has been built specifically for young kids in mind, using easily identifiable visual icons and swipe controls to navigate the UI. “While there is plenty to read once you get into the activities, kids of all ages will be able to easily scroll to find hundreds of activities and thousands of hours of fun whether its games to play, puzzles to solve, stories to read, and more,” said MacIntyre.

Parental controls are paramount to successful kid-focused apps. Kidomi include two main features for parents. “First, we give parents a window into what kids are playing by showing them exactly what activities, what skills, and how much time their kids are playing,” said MacIntyre. “They no longer have to ask ‘what are you playing’ because at a touch of a button they can see and learn what their child is passionate about.” Kidomi also includes filters so parents can select what activities  they want their kids to focus on, as well as provide time limits.

As a subscription service, Kidomi will also periodically add new apps and content. “We know that kids’ interests are constantly changing, so we will add a new activity to the Kidomi app every day so that there is always something new to explore,” said MacIntyre.

Kidomi is available now on the Google Play store for Android devices, with a 7-day free trial. The iOS version is planned for a summer release. A single subscription will include all devices, as well as up to three profiles for multiple children to enjoy.

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