The first EA Originals title, Fe, is out today worldwide on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC (Origin) for $19.99.

In Fe you play as the titular character, running and jumping through a Nordic forest of ruins and secrets. The story is told visually, with no dialogue. Instead Fe must the language of the forest, which is depicted through song. Fe can communicate with plants and animals by singing, gaining unique abilities and benefits.

Fe was developed by Zoink Games and published by EA. “In Fe, sounds connect every living thing in the diverse ecosystem,” said Klaus Lyngeled, CEO and Creative Lead at Zoink Games. “The forest holds a multitude of secrets to be uncovered by connecting with the flora and fauna. As a wordless experience, the entire story is up for the players’ own interpretation as they move through the forest at their own pace. Fe is a beautiful, connected world that players will never want to leave.”

EA announced the EA Originals program during their press conference at E3 2016. EA Originals is a special program within EA that supports, nurtures, and publishes several indie games every year. “With EA Originals we are committed to finding great new games that we know players are going to love,” said Patrick Soderlund, EVP of EA Originals, at E3 2016. “We’re working with small developers to make sure those games get discovered and into the hands of players.”

Fe was announced at the same time as the first EA Originals title. Zoink is also developing the story book adventure puzzle game, Flipping Death, due out later this year.

Fe is rated E for Everyone. It’s out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.


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