Hearthstone’s next expansion pack takes players to the frozen reaches of Northrend in Knights of the Frozen Throne. Blizzard Entertainment revealed the new expansion is coming in August and add 135 new cards.

The Lich King sits on the frozen throne, and likes everyone to be cold and undead. The expansion will transform all nine hero classes into undead death knights with new abilities.  For example, the undead hunter, Deathstalker Rexar, gains the Build-A-Beast ability. It lets you select two beasts and combine them, creating a new zombie-card with abilities and stats from both cards. A total of nine new legendary Hero Cards have been added to activate each hero’s undeath transformation.

Lifesteal is a new keyword found on Frozen Throne cards. It grants health to heroes whenever the card deals damage. Given the undead theme, Deathrattle will also be featured quite a bit on new cards.

Like previous expansions, Knights of the Frozen Throne will feature a single-player Adventure campaign. You’ll assault the Icecrown Citadel and fight bosses such as the icy dracolich Sindragosa as you make your way toward the Lich King himself. Completing the initial prologue mission will reward a random legendary Death Knight Hero Card.

Hearthstone’s previous expansion was Journey to Un’Goro, which has been running since April. As teased early in the year, a total of three expansions will arrive during Hearthstone’s Year of the Mammoth. We’re due for one more expansion that will probably arrive this Holiday season.

Knights of the Frozen Throne is coming to Hearthstone on PC and mobile devices in mid-August (specific date not yet announced). New cards will be revealed beginning July 24. You can pre-purchase a 50-card pack bundle for $49.99 up until its release. The bundle includes a unique Frozen Throne card back.


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