Blizzard Entertainment have officially unveiled the newest playable character for popular online shooter Overwatch. Doomfist is the 25th hero to be added to the roster and the fourth since Overwatch’s launch one year ago. “Hero” may be too loose a term as Doomfist is very much a villain within the Overwatch world. He’s available for testing now on the Public Test Realm for PC.

You can watch the teaser trailer to his origin story above, and the developer update with Jeff Kaplan below.

Doomfist (née Akande Ogundimu) is an Offensive class from Nigeria who loves to brawl up close. His primary attack is a shotgun-like blast he can fire out of his signature gauntlet. But this ranged attack pales in comparison to his fighting-game like melee attacks, as well as his new passive ability. His passive, called The Best Defense, grants Doomfist a shield with every melee attack – the more you punch, the longer you’ll live.

His alt-fire is a Rocket Punch, letting you wind up a powerful melee attack with his gauntlet fist. Rocket Punch can actually penetrate barriers, such as Reinhardt’s shield. His two abilities are Rising Uppercut and Seismic Slam. Rising Uppercut takes Doomfist and his unfortunate victim into the air. You can combo this with Seismic Slam. Seismic Slam is initiated while in the air, letting you pull enemies toward you.

Doomfist’s Ultimate is called Meteor Strike. He launches into the air, targets a space on the ground, and crashes down, doing lots of damage and stunning anyone left alive, letting you set up your other melee combos.

Doomfist has been teased for months, including when the new Numbani map was released, revealing the gauntlet’s mysterious disappearance. Story-wise, Doomfist is the third person to wield the gauntlet and take the name. Doomfist is one of the leaders of the villainous Talon (along with Reaper). He has a very Might Makes Right worldview, believing that only through conflict can humanity better themselves.

Doomfist is currently available via the PTR on PC. Testing typically lasts a week or two before new heroes are officially added to every platform and mode.


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