Nintendo announced earlier today that they have a new title called Super Mario Run in the works. Super Mario Run is an endless runner/platformer that has been developed solely for mobile platforms. The game will launch this December for the iPhone and iPad. However, fans can expect an eventual release for Android as well.

Super Mario Run follows the basic formula of the endless runner genre. Unlike in other Super Mario games, players aren’t in control of moving Mario forward. He does this on his own, racing through the levels at a constant sprint. Instead, players are in charge of making sure he avoids enemies and reaches the flagpole at the end of the level. The game includes three different modes such as one in which players try to collect as many coins as possible. Another mode challenges players to run through a level with more finesse than someone who has already completed it. Players can also create their own Mushroom Kingdom based on how they move through the levels.

Super Mario Run is part of Nintendo’s efforts to branch out onto the mobile scene. After the success of Miitomo, the company has found that apps are a new way to engage with its fanbase. Bringing Mario to the iPhone is Nintendo’s way of putting their signature mark on the platform. It also ensures that Nintendo’s most beloved character stays in the spotlight.

In addition to Super Mario Run, fans can also expect new Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem titles for mobile devices before March 2017. In the meantime, players can celebrate Super Mario Run’s release by checking out new Mario-themed stickers for iMessage on the App Store later this month.

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