Hong Kong-based tech company Molio revealed what they’re calling the first interactive projector designed especially for kids. It’s called Egger. Molio have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to seek funding for mass production.

“These days, children find smartphones, tablets, and hand-held devices are much more attractive to them than watching TV,” says Molio CPO Kevin Peng  during the pitch video. “There should be a positive interactive device for children. Egger was built with all the considerations of our children, such as knowing children are sensitive to light.”

Egger is indeed a cute egg-shaped device with a revealing eye that projects the image. The brightness levels have been scaled down to 100 lumens, as well as automatically adjusting to the light in its surroundings. A single on/off button and a charging dock helps make Egger easy to operate for smaller hands. The compact design helps keep it sturdy and more kid-friendly.

The projector is powered by a Quad-Core processor, LED projector, and HD camera. It projects a screen size up to 100 inches at 1200×800 resolution.


Egger is equipped with HDMI and other ports to allow it to connect to various devices. It uses the Android app market place, and parents can moderate content with parental tools. The device also comes with a motion control remote that lets you interact with apps or play movies and songs. Augmented Reality apps let children draw on special paper and watch it recreated digitally, or you could use the remote to draw and move directly on screen.

Projectors aren’t cheap, and the Early Bird prices have quickly sold out. But a lightweight, easy-to-use projector could be a great way for families to get together again instead of staring at their own devices.

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