Square Enix took time on their Twitch channel to give a significant demo of the upcoming mobile game Deus Ex Go. This is the third game in the very successful Go series and one that is being released at a great time considering the upcoming AAA release Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.The goal of the demo was to demonstrate some of the key features of the game and to run through a handful of stages. This is important because the Go series is built around the idea of distilling complex games into their most pure form and then turning them into a sort of digital board game.

Deus Ex Go accomplishes this by being a game focused on stealth. You control Jenson as you take steps on a series of interconnected lines.  There are guards at certain other points on the grid that will become aware of you if you step into their line of site. At that point they will take one step towards you for every step you take in any direction. They will also continue to do so until you step around a corner or leave their line of site.

The goal? Its always to navigate Jenson from the starting point on the grid and survive all the way to some point on the other side of the screen without being caught.  Enemies can only be eliminated if you step onto their space when they aren’t aware of you.

Deus Ex isn’t just about stealth though. This isn’t Thief after all. It also is about augmentations and hacking. Deus Ex Go definitely includes both of those things. There are icons on various points on each level where players can activate a cloaking device that will make Jenson invisible for one turn. Likewise there are icons that will let Jenson hack into turrets and platforms.

The game itself looks pretty amazing and both of its predecessors were great. I’ve got high hopes for this one as well. We’ll check back once the game is released later this year.

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