Love him or hate him. Kanye West is a brilliant musician. Back in February he held a massive event at Madison Square Garden. The event was primarily to announce his album The Life of Pablobut he also took the time to announce that he was going to get into the video game development business.Well… business isn’t the correct word for it. Kanye is not likely motivated by profit here. His game, entitled Only One is inspired by his late mother and represents her spiritual voyage to heaven.

He went silent about the project until today as part of E3 where he and his team at Encyclopedia Pictura released a trailer for the game which is stunningly beautiful, if only a little lacking in gameplay details. With that said, this is E3. Teaser trailers come out all the time that don’t really say anything.

The trailer consists of an image of his mother riding a winged horse into the heavens and eventually sprouting wings. It is a stunning trailer that is well animated. If the visuals are in any way indicative of the gameplay, then we should be in for a treat. And at the very least it will be interesting because it will be something new and different that Kanye did.

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