Ubisoft dipped their toes into the virtual reality waters during their E3 conference. Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey was joined on stage by Ubisoft Montreal developers to talk, and then play, Eagle Flight. Eagle Flight takes place in a post-human world reclaimed by nature. Thankfully you’re not a human. You’re an eagle.

With virtual reality devices you can step into the eyes of a swift bird of prey. The now-overgrown Paris is your playground. Using “innovative and intuitive controls” you can fly through iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame. Eagle Flight features single-player challenge missions to test your flight skills. Also in a rarity for a VR game, competitive multiplayer.

The onstage gameplay presentation showed the six player team-based multiplayer. It felt a bit like a racing-combat-sports hybrid, with dives, turns, and lots of different pathways. Numerous secret passages and tunnels made the flight look like a roller coaster. It looked really intense and fast for a VR game – not for the easily motion sick. The multiplayer mode on display resembled capture the flag, but with a rabbit since you’re, you know, eagles.

Eagle Flight will be available on all “major VR platforms” this fall.

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