Blood-soaked third-person sworder For Honor was first announced during Ubisoft’s E3 press conference last year. This year we got a much more in depth look at For Honor’s violent world.

The campaign trailer (above) introduces a cataclysm that destroys much of the medieval world. The survivors fight for the remaining meager scraps. Three main sides are formed based on historical fighting styles and warriors: the Knight, the Viking, and the Samurai. The trailer also introduces the villain, a mysterious female knight that sows chaos named Apollyon.

“Desperation drives us to war,” spoke Jason Vandenberghe, creative director Ubisoft Montreal. He had a delightfully growly voice and a theatrical cadence on stage. “It is trust that can end it. Apollyon and her Blackstone Legions crave a war where trust is impossible. And the wolves among us can roam free.”

The campaign will dive deep into all three factions and the causes and consequences of their war. It can be played solo as well as cooperatively with two players, both split-screen and online.

Vandenberghe then presented a sample mission from the Viking campaign, as they invade the Samurai in their longships. You play as one of the elite badasses of your faction while constant fighting erupts around you. You can join in using the Art of Battle melee combat system. This lets you control your stance and weapon placement during intense one-on-one fights. The demo ended with our axe-wielding Viking warrior going toe to toe with an equally badass Samurai.

For Honor releases on February 14, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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