Nicole’s sick with the kind of virus you get from small children this time of year, so Linda, Simone, and Courtney are joined by our ace college intern Ingrid Hill. We talk about gaming news, the best video games of 2015, and what we played. Oh, and we answer a question from a Hong Kong listener. Thanks, Johnson from Hong Kong, for asking such a great question.

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Thanks to USA Today for some actual data about eSports vs. other sports

Our Games of the Year

We all talk about our favorite games of year. Listen to hear what we liked the most, or wait for the Pixelkin Best Games of 2015 post due out just before the holiday break.

Listener Question

Hong Kong listener Johnson S. sent us this excellent email:

Hello Gaming with the Moms podcast!

Been listening for a little over two months now and thoroughly enjoy the chatter as well as the insightful chatter focused on gaming and children, though I’m far from being a parent myself.
After listening to Greg Toppo speak about educational games, it reminded me of the games that were used from when I was in elementary school. And I would like to ask, did any of yourselves had your favourite educational games from when you were in school? For myself, I enjoyed Math Blasters, Zoombinis, and Typing of the Dead (for when I was a bit older)

Looking to hear more from yourselves! –Johnson from Hong Kong

We talk about the golden age of educational games like Oregon Trail, Pajama Sam, the Putt Putt games, Freddie Fish, Jump Start, and yes, for sure Math Blaster and the Zoombinis. Some of these games have recently experienced a rebirth. Some are available on Steam.

What We Played


This podcast was recorded in the studios of the Jack Straw Cultural Center in Seattle. The music is by Pat Goodwin at Novelty Shop Creative. Participating in this podcast were Linda Breneman, Courtney Holmes, Simone de Rochefort, and Ingrid Hill.

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