PAX Prime 2015 is in just a few days, and game publishers from around the world are getting ready to show off thousands of unreleased games to the public. We already knew that Nintendo indie games (“Nindies”) will have their own room at the Seattle Sheraton (across the street from the Washington State Convention Center). Today, we got more details about which specific games Nintendo will be featuring at both the Nindie lounge and at their primary booth.

Here’s the list of games that will be available to check out at their primary booth:

And here are the games that will be featured at the Nindie lounge:

Plus, the following games will be featured in game tournaments over the course of the weekend:

While tickets for PAX are long gone, this list of games will give Nintendo fans an idea of what to look out for. So, if you’ve been looking forward to an analysis of the new Wii U version of Year Walk, for instance, you’re in luck!

If you don’t have tickets to PAX but still really want to try out some of these games, you should check out Nindies@Night, a free upcoming event at the EMP Museum. Pixelkin will be at both events, so stay tuned for coverage.

And don’t forget to bring your 3DS with you! Every time you get near another 3DS (with wi-fi enabled) you’ll earn a new StreetPass. It’s a fun and safe way to interact with other gamers at the convention.

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