We already knew that Nintendo and Universal Studios had had partnered up to create Nintendo-themed attractions, but it’s looking like they’ll also be making a new video game theme park.

Evidently, they created too many Nintendo attractions to fit in the revamped children’s play area. Instead of ditching them, Universal opted to just make another park, which is hard to complain about.

infested kerrigan starcraft not for video game theme park

Probably not gonna happen.

Along with Nintendo, we’ll also see Blizzard Entertainment at the park, which makes sense, since Universal is backing the upcoming World of Warcraft movie. It’s unclear at this point what exactly Blizzard will bring to a theme park. I’d love to see Infested Kerrigan walking around with her spider claw things, but I acknowledge that she’s not a family-friendly kind of gal. Diablo and his demonic minions, of course, aren’t any better. I suspect the park will stick to the World of Warcraft theme for kid-friendliness (and possibly licensing reasons, as well). But who knows! Maybe we’ll get to dodge zerglings on a space cowboy roller coaster.

A Mario Kart ride is confirmed, as well as attractions based on Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda.

The new park will join Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure at the Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida.

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