Xbox recently announced a 1-terabyte Xbox One, but PlayStation doesn’t have plans to bring the PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player 1TB Edition—which is available in Europe as of last month—to North America any time soon, according to Polygon. Most owners of new PlayStation consoles will have to wait for the big hard drive. 

The PlayStation hard drive is replaceable by design, however. Sony even provides instructions on how to do it.

More space is almost a must for consoles these days, since so many game purchases come through online distribution services. The original Xbox One and the PS4 come with only 500 GB. Many users have complained the space runs out too quickly. Jenna Pitcher at IGN found that these consoles can store only about a dozen full-release games.  Most users want to download more games and other content than will fit on a standard console hard drive.

Luckily, Gamestop is offering refurbished PlayStation 4’s at pretty good prices. The Playstation 4 Supercharged 2 TB System is $479.99, and there are a couple of other deals as well:  a 500 GB PS4 bundled with Batman: Arkham Knight$399.99, and a refurbished 500 GB PS4, $359.99.

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