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SPONSORED POST: 4 Classic Video Games That Are Still Loads of Fun

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In some ways classic video games don’t hold a candle to their modern counterparts due to the hyper-realistic graphics, incredibly accurate physics, and completely immersive environments. However, despite that, classic games can still be loads of fun, and some can even occupy hours of your time.

If you’d like to know some of the best classic video games that you should try, there are a few that are should be a very enjoyable challenge:

  • Pacman: In Pacman you control the ‘Pacman’ character and navigate it through a maze to eat dots while avoiding the ghosts that spawn. The aim of the game is to clear all the dots, and if you eat large flashing dots (i.e. power pellets) you can eat the ghosts too in order to obtain bonus points. The original version of Pacman was released in the 1980s as an arcade game, but numerous variants have been published over the years for PCs and other consoles. If you want you can easily find the classic version of Pacman as a web game.
  • Tetris: As one of the most popular games of all time, Tetris and its multi-colored blocks are instantly recognizable. The gameplay is focused on creating horizontal lines of blocks by controlling the blocks as they descend and rotating them to fit. Over the years there have been many versions of Tetris, some of which have even introduced newer rules and other gameplay elements. However the core of the game remains unchanged, and classic Tetris can still be found on any platform or as a web game.
  • Bubble Shooter: Technically Bubble Shooter is a clone of Puzzle Bobble, though it is definitely unique in its own way. It is based on the premise of forming group of 3 or more bubbles with the same color by shooting bubbles to specific locations. To win you need to clear the field of all bubbles. Different versions of Bubble Shooter have slightly different gameplay elements, game modes, and scoring systems. To play the classic version you can visit
  • Space Invaders: Up to this very day Space Invaders is regarded as one of the most influential video games of all time. It is essentially a fixed shooter that allows you to control a laser cannon and move it horizontally at the bottom of your screen while shooting to destroy aliens. Due to its popularity there have been several variants and spin-offs of Space Invaders, but the original is still the most iconic by far. It is easily available nowadays via remastered collections, or as a web game.

If you are a child of the 80s or early 90s, odds are you may have already played some of these games, or at very least may recognize them. However if you have never tried them in the past, you should definitely give them a go – so you can see firsthand just how much fun they can be.

Make no mistake as dated as these games may be they are still loads of fun, and you may end up hooked in no time.

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Sponsored Post: Best Games Where You Can Play Your Favorite Music by Yourself

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Not everybody has the talent to play a guitar, play drums or sing. Sure, if you give it enough time you can learn any skills, but if you’re just a big fan of music who doesn’t have the time to dedicate to learning, it can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, just because you don’t have the time, that shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy being part of playing music one way or the other, right? Plus, if you’re living in a five-story apartment, you can get neighbor complaints about all the racket happening at your place.

Since we’re music fans as well (who isn’t), we decided to check out mobile apps that allow you to enjoy playing music without requiring you to learn an actual instrument. After a couple of hours of constant searching, we found this list of rhythm games we thought was quite useful.

Best Rhythm Mobile Games

There are some pretty fun games there that allow you to play in the rhythm of some of the most popular songs today. No matter if you enjoy RnB, rap or rock, there’s a game for you so we concluded it would be nice if we review three of them we think are the best.

BEAT FEVER – An Amazing Library of Songs

The moment we read the description of Beat Fever, we knew this game will likely end up on our list. From the moment you start the app, you can see that the developers spent quite some polishing the app. Although the gameplay is your standard hit the buttons in the rhythm of the song type of a game, where Beat Fever truly shines is a gigantic library both of classic and the latest songs. The game does have more from the RnB and rap genre, but there’s something for everybody. But the strongest point is the activity of the app, meaning they constantly add new songs. Every Friday, they have a feature album which is basically a collection of the latest songs they’ve added so this way you always have something new to play. Finally, the community aspect where you can interact with other players gives it even more depth so there’s something to do even when you’re not playing.

One minor thing we noticed is that you spend your energy points a bit too fast. After an hour of playing, we were stranded without any energy to continue playing so our options were either to wait or pay for extra points. This is understandable, but we still feel they could be more generous when it comes to the free-to-play aspect. The game needs to earn money to be able to further develop but it feels a bit underwhelming. Still, it’s a great music game any music fan will surely enjoy.

VOEZ – For Anime Fans

Here’s a music game we didn’t expect to end up on our list. But, we got to say, the game truly caught us off-guard. Besides being just another tapping game, the game has a dedicated storyline you can follow as you play. So instead of randomly finishing one song and starting the next, each level feels like progress in a story that’s quite enchanting and interesting. The selection of songs is great and instead of playing modern tunes, you play dynamic songs that feel like they just jumped out of your favorite anime. A great extra is that you can set up the difficulty of each level such as the speed of the falling notes. This allows people of different skill levels to play so you can enjoy both if you need a challenge or just a relaxing way to pass the time. It’s all up to you.

Although the choice of songs is great, if you’re sticking to the free-to-play model, your options do get kind of limited. It feels more like a demo than an actual game. Once you pay, the doors open to an almost endless amount of music fun, but until that point, you’re stuck with just a couple of songs. But if you’re in rhythm games, we believe this game is worth your money. You definitely won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for a game you plan to play for a longer period of time.

BEAT MP3 – Customize the Songs

Finally, if you don’t like someone else selecting the songs you can play for you, you can always use songs you have in your personal library. Besides this unique feature to upload songs you own, another great element is that each game is randomly generated, meaning even if you play the same song, the rhythm patterns are different, providing a new experience every time. People who need a challenge will love this because you can replay the same song and still feel like you’re playing for the first time. For people who feel that might be too much, don’t worry, you can go easy mode and practice until you make it perfect. There’s also a random event every now and then that provides a bit extra fun, but the focus point is still the ability to upload songs and customize how you want to play.

One slight issue is some songs you upload won’t be playable. It might be due to the quality of the mp3, but we did get an occasional error with some songs we tried to upload. It happened only with a few of them and we were able to play most of the ones we tried. So if you happen to get this error, just try to upload a better file quality or simply move on to your next song.


Rhythm games might not be exactly like playing an actual instrument, but they still provide the excitement of playing one. Situations where you get the perfect score are extremely satisfying and it almost feels like you played your favorite song on a guitar without a single error. So if you don’t have the time to learn an actual instrument, these games are a great alternative.

We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did and that they will provide you with hours of a fun experience. Who knows, the games might just motivate you to actually pick up a guitar or piano. We know it had an effect on us. Enjoy.

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Sponsored Post: A Basic Guide to Backgammon

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The game of backgammon is over 5,000 years old, which makes it one of the oldest board games in history. It was first created by people living in the Middle East at the time, but today it’s played all over the world.

If you ever saw what a backgammon game looks like, you might have been confused as to what the rules are. In fact, it’s hard to tell what the rules are just by looking at how the game’s played. But don’t worry—you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Nevertheless, you will need some sort of a tutorial to understand the basics of backgammon, and that’s where we come in.

Also, if you don’t own a backgammon board, you can play the best free backgammon game online instead. But first, you should read the following guidelines carefully and learn how to play backgammon with your friends. Let’s start!

The Setup

Backgammon is a two-player game played on a board containing 24 narrow triangles called “points”. The points are separated into four quadrants of six, with a bar in the middle.

Each player starts with 15 checkers. Checkers come in two different colors–usually, one player has white and the other one has black. One player moves his or her pieces in a clockwise direction while the other player starting on the opposite side of the board moves counterclockwise.

The quadrant that you will be moving towards is called your home board (bottom right or bottom left depending on your position), and the board adjacent to it is your outer board.

In order to start, each player will need to put all of his or her checkers on the board. Start by putting five checkers on your 6th point, three checkers on your 8th point, five checkers on your 13th point, and then put your last two checkers on your 24th point. The opponent will put their checkers in an exact mirror image of yours.

To learn more about how the points are numbered, take a look at this awesome beginner backgammon tutorial.

Moving the Checkers

Each player receives two regular dice with six sides that he or she throws to indicate the moving of the pieces. So, for example, if you roll a four and a two, you will get to move any of your checkers for a total of six times. You can move one checker six times, or you can move one checker four times and another one twice. Remember that you can only move the checkers in one previously determined direction towards your home board. The goal is to reach the end of your home board with all 15 pieces.

To indicate who starts first, both players will throw dice at the same time. Whichever player gets the higher number, he or she moves first by a total number of two dice combined. For example, if you get a three and your opponent rolls only a one, you will get to move your pieces three times and then once more. If both players roll the same number, the throwing of the dice repeats.

You can land a checker on any point that is empty or that has only one of the opponent’s pieces. You can’t land your piece onto a point that has two or more opponent’s checkers.

If you land a double, let’s say double twos, the total number of your moves will double as well, so you will get eight moves instead of four in this case.

Hitting Opponents and Bearing Off

If you land on a point where the opponent only has one checker, you will send that checker to the bar. The opponent will then have to roll the dice to put his piece on the bar back into the game, beginning from his starting point. The opponent cannot re-enter the game unless he or she rolls the number that puts them on a point where they can actually land —they cannot land on points where you have two or more pieces at a given time.

As we mentioned before, the goal of a backgammon game is to finish the board with all of your pieces. Once you get near the end, you will hope to roll a number that exceeds the last point. You can only finish with one piece at a time and only if all of your pieces are in your home board. That is called bearing off.

Whichever player removes all of his or her checkers first wins the game.