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Sponsored Post: Path of Exile Iceshot Deadeye Build Guide

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The POE Ranger build is one of the most popular Path of Exile classes. And while each of its ascendancies has its own pros and cons, the Deadeye is arguably the best choice if you want a more direct approach to dealing projectile-based damage. Mix that damage with an element that gives much utility and you get the Ice Shot Deadeye. Time to spend those PoE Orbs–it’s time to start building!

Maintaining the Cold Chain

First things first, the Path of Exile tree build. For that, check out https://pastebin.com/4ffJddmr. Now let’s go to the two principles behind the Ice Shot Deadeye: physical to cold conversion and chain. The former is a part of the core skill, Ice Shot. And as the term suggests, it is all about turning your physical damage into cold damage. Aside from the elemental damage, enemies also get chilled, slowing them down in the process.

The other property projectiles have in the game is Chain. If a projectile has this particular property, it will bounce off to a nearby enemy after hitting the first target. This will continue until it hits the number of chains indicated in the weapon or skill that gives this property. When ranked by priority, chain is third, and what precedes it are pierce and fork. This means that if projectiles also get those aforementioned properties, they will behave according to those two properties first until it hits the number of enemies indicated; only then will the projectile stop chaining.

Not Just About Being Cool

With the build hinging on those two things, it’s no surprise that the core skill gem, Ice Shot, is supported by the following gems: Elemental Damage with Attacks, Chain, Added Cold Damage, Increased Critical Strikes, and Damage on Full Life. For even more damage, it has the buffs Herald of Ice, Grace, Hatred, and the Mirage Archer support, as well as the debuffs Assassin’s Mark and Curse on Hit support gem.

On the other hand, for spells related to utility, it has Inspiration, Scourge Arrow, and Immortal Call with Call When Damage Taken and Increased Duration support gems. Lastly, for mobility, it has Blink Arrow.

Geared for the Temperature

Now let’s move on to PoE Bows. The most important one is the Death Opus. Aside from increased physical damage, attack speed, critical strike chance, it also fires two additional arrows. For the body, Hyrri’s Ire is perfect. Aside from the bonuses to dodging, it also gives you more cold damage. Complementing it is the unique quiver Hyrri’s Demise as it gives 1 to 2 cold damage per dexterity as well as bonus attack speed and AoE.

For defensive reasons, use the Starkonja’s Head as it’s got increased global PoE evasion when low on life, evasion rating, and global critical strike chance. As for gloves and boots, pick Rare ones with bonuses to life, elemental resistances, and evasion or you can buy using PoE Currency. For the belt, the Headhunter is a good choice as it gives bonuses to strength, dexterity, life, increased damage to rare monsters, and will even allow you to get that monster’s modifiers.

For accessories, have the Gloomfang as your amulet. It increases elemental damage with attacks, and non-chaos damage as gain chaos damage per chain, but at the cost of losing 10 life for enemies hit by spells, and 22 life for those hit with physical attacks. For your ring, one should be The Taming, which will give you bonus elemental damage and resistances, chance to shock, ignite, and freeze, and extra damage to enemies under those ailments. The other should be a rare ring with bonuses to maximum mana, elemental resistances, elemental damage for skills, and life gained for every enemy hit.

Lastly, for flasks, have a life flask of staunching to prevent or cure bleeding, a quicksilver flask for increased movement speed, and a diamond flask for increased critical rate. For the PoE unique flasks, have Atziri’s Promise for chaos resistance and chaos damage, and Dying Sun for increased fire resistance and bonus projectile.

There you have it, the Path of Exile Iceshot Deadeye! Make sure to try it out because you’re sure to hit the mark with this one. Can someone say…bulls-ice?

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Sponsored Post: Fortnite—Mythic Weapons Location Guide

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Looking to get your hands on the new mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2? Here’s where to find them.

The recent introduction of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 brought a whole bunch of interesting changes to the game. As well as new Fortnite items, locations and more, we also saw bosses being brought in to mix things up. This raised the question of what rewards would be granted to players if they manage to defeat them. The good news is, that it isn’t just loot that will be coming your way, but there will also be mythic weapons to be unlocked. In order to do so, you will have to locate the bosses and overcome them to gain these weapons. Here is a short guide on what’s new, and where you can find these Fortnite locations.

New Areas, New Bosses

The Fortnite chapter 2 map comes with five new locations for you to explore. Each of these areas will have a boss for you to face. After doing so, you will not only gain access to secret vaults, but will also gain a mythic weapon which differs depending on the boss that you have defeated. By taking out these guardians, again depending on who you defeat, you will also be completing specific challenges as a bonus. Even if hunting down the mythic weapons isn’t your thing, it is still worth doing so for this reason.

The update is mainly based on a new agent theme, which brings with it a number of gameplay changes. This new season has certainly gone to great lengths to change the landscape of how the game plays, and there is a more PvE feel to it in certain aspects. This is because of the new areas being patrolled by NPCs, who will be guarding the new weapons and mythic loot. There will also be five mini bosses, which you may have seen already in the form of skins if you have the Battle Pass.

There are five total bosses; Brutus, Meowsicles, Skye, TNTina and Midas. Each will be found at different locations on the map, and here is where you can find them.


If you are looking for a mythic minigun, then Brutus should be your first stop. Located at the Grotto, this new location can be found by the agency facility. If you head north from here, then you will come across the Grotto, but beware of the NPC enemies that surround the area. You could always take a stealthy approach here, but one slip and its time for battle, so choose your approach wisely.


Midas, who is rather appropriately name given his lust for all things gold, should be your next port of call. This is because from where Brutus is located, simply head down to the center of the map until you reach the Agency Headquarters. Once you have made your way inside the building, Midas can be found in a number of locations. Rather expectedly, he won’t be difficult to miss, as the gold-laden boss has come prepared. There will also be other players, henchmen and other variables standing in your way, but luckily it doesn’t take much fire power to defeat him. Once you have done so, you will pick up the mythic Drum Gun, which is considered to be the best weapon in the game at this moment in time.


Back up to the North side is Skye. More specifically, to the northwest in the top corner of the map you will come across a new location known as the Shark. This will be occupied by the boss known as Skye, who will be ready for battle. Once Skye is done with, you will be rewarded with the Scar Assault Rifle, which is a popular choice amongst Fortnite players at the minute.


Ah, Meowscles. This is one of the more divisive bosses that Epic Games has decided to introduce. In my opinion, one of the weirdest concoctions that bosses could offer up in a game such as this, the half-human, half-cat hybrid is something that you are probably going to want to cover in a hail of bullets. Regardless on your feelings about this character, you can find them at the Yacht, surrounded by henchmen in the main area. You will be rewarded with the Peow Peow rifle for your troubles.


If you head over to the new area known as the Rig, you will come across TNTina. This will be an area well occupied with enemies for you to deal with. Once you’ve dealt with them and TNTina herself, you’ll want to head to the top of the rig to claim the Boom Bow.


These are the five bosses that you will need to have beaten in order to get the precious mythic Fortnite items and weapons. They aren’t the only reason to explore these areas, with plentiful loot for the taking and exciting new areas to explore. There is a lot to be getting on with as far as Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 is concerned, as Epic Games looks to keep its ever growing fanbase hooked on the battle royale title.

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Sponsored Post: Going Back to the Kickoff: WoW Classic’s Vanilla Raids

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One of the biggest contributions WoW had on the MMORPG genre was how raids work. It’s definitely not the first to have that kind of mechanic, but how we know and understand it today is all thanks to Blizzard’s groundbreaking MMO. Having said all that, let’s take a look back at some tidbits of info about how raiding was like the good old  WoW Classic gold vanilla days.

The Molten Crater

Developing content for MMO, be it WoW Dungeons or WoW Classic raids, can take at least a month or two. This considerably long period is spent to make sure that the raid instance not only works, but is also presentable. Molten Crater, on the other hand, was only developed in a week. At first, it was just a rumor that circulated among the player base, until it was later on confirmed by the devs. Thankfully, such a revelation didn’t cause much backlash, and probably even helped cement its status as one of the game’s more popular raid instances in vanilla WoW.

Looking back, the rather lackluster interior was a telltale sign of its rushed conception. Still, it’s already quite the memorable icon that players remember with much fondness.

C’Thun and Ahn’Qiraj

While we only had the Burning Legion as these extraordinary powerful and otherworldly beings in Warcraft III, its genre-defining MMO sequel introduced the Old Gods. Powerful entities that shape the affairs of Azeroth and beyond, it makes perfect sense that they should be featured in a raid or two.

In the more recent expansions, players saw more and more of them. In the Vanilla days, however, they didn’t have a huge role, and were only referenced a few times. And even if you arrange WoW dungeons by level, you won’t find much talk about them. But despite the fact that only one was mentioned in that particular era, it was a hugely important Old God: C’Thun. After all, he is not only the final boss of the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, he was also regarded as the main antagonist of Classic WoW–and for good reason!


It’s not uncommon in games to have a supposedly inaccessible area that is either scrapped or future content that is still in its planning stages but already has traces in the game. For Karazhan, it was the latter.

Despite being slated for release in The Burning Crusade, the game’s first expansion, a section of the raid instance was added into Azeroth a little bit early—so much so that players managed to check it out before it was officially rolled in. They didn’t see much aside from dark stone halls, but it’s still very much a cool thing to see a place in the game before its official launch. Surely, not a lot of players, even those that have been playing since Day 1, can say the same.

Tol Barad

While Karazhan was literally ahead of its time, Tol Barad was the complete opposite, as it’s meant to be a part of the game since the WoW Vanilla release date. The idea behind this island prison is that it’s connected to Stormgarde and the first war. Gameplay-wise, it was supposed to be a battleground that would be unlocked as though it were an instance. This, however, has been changed. It’s for the better, and people are pleased with the Tol Barad that they got, but people will always wonder about the one they could have gotten.


Last yet certainly not least is Naxxramas. It’s only fitting for it to be mentioned here, as it’s the last of the WoW raids slated for WoW vanilla. A giant necropolis that flies above the Plaguelands, it was a difficult raid that tested players. Unfortunately, because of how close its release is to the first expansion, it was clearly overshadowed. Thankfully, it became more popular in the long run, but it would’ve been cool if it got the recognition it deserves right at the get-go.

Raids have played a significant part in WoW players’ lives, so they very much deserve the look back. But don’t be content with that. Go try them out for yourself in WoW Classic items!

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SPONSORED POST: 4 Classic Video Games That Are Still Loads of Fun

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In some ways classic video games don’t hold a candle to their modern counterparts due to the hyper-realistic graphics, incredibly accurate physics, and completely immersive environments. However, despite that, classic games can still be loads of fun, and some can even occupy hours of your time.

If you’d like to know some of the best classic video games that you should try, there are a few that are should be a very enjoyable challenge:

  • Pacman: In Pacman you control the ‘Pacman’ character and navigate it through a maze to eat dots while avoiding the ghosts that spawn. The aim of the game is to clear all the dots, and if you eat large flashing dots (i.e. power pellets) you can eat the ghosts too in order to obtain bonus points. The original version of Pacman was released in the 1980s as an arcade game, but numerous variants have been published over the years for PCs and other consoles. If you want you can easily find the classic version of Pacman as a web game.
  • Tetris: As one of the most popular games of all time, Tetris and its multi-colored blocks are instantly recognizable. The gameplay is focused on creating horizontal lines of blocks by controlling the blocks as they descend and rotating them to fit. Over the years there have been many versions of Tetris, some of which have even introduced newer rules and other gameplay elements. However the core of the game remains unchanged, and classic Tetris can still be found on any platform or as a web game.
  • Bubble Shooter: Technically Bubble Shooter is a clone of Puzzle Bobble, though it is definitely unique in its own way. It is based on the premise of forming group of 3 or more bubbles with the same color by shooting bubbles to specific locations. To win you need to clear the field of all bubbles. Different versions of Bubble Shooter have slightly different gameplay elements, game modes, and scoring systems. To play the classic version you can visit Bubbleshooter.net.
  • Space Invaders: Up to this very day Space Invaders is regarded as one of the most influential video games of all time. It is essentially a fixed shooter that allows you to control a laser cannon and move it horizontally at the bottom of your screen while shooting to destroy aliens. Due to its popularity there have been several variants and spin-offs of Space Invaders, but the original is still the most iconic by far. It is easily available nowadays via remastered collections, or as a web game.

If you are a child of the 80s or early 90s, odds are you may have already played some of these games, or at very least may recognize them. However if you have never tried them in the past, you should definitely give them a go – so you can see firsthand just how much fun they can be.

Make no mistake as dated as these games may be they are still loads of fun, and you may end up hooked in no time.