Destiny 2 is an online game with a first-person shooter and role-playing elements. Players fight in many unique worlds, complete tasks and collect loot. One of the key elements of the game is the boost system, which can help players reach new heights and become the best in Destiny 2.

Useful Solution

Many players have complained about Destiny 2 having to replay campaigns as multiple characters. Bungie’s Lightfall expansion has addressed this issue with a paid service.

With the release of the Lightfall expansion, players can now, depending on their advancement, view one of two sorts of benefits on their character screen. When the player exceeds the character’s Strength’s soft limit, the Lightfall Character Boost displays, but the campaign is still ongoing. The “Boost” command equips the chosen hero with a set of high-strength tools. Bungie claims that this prevents you from skipping the campaign, but the story content can be completed very quickly.

The Lightfall Campaign Skip Boost option will also be included at that time. It will be available once the Lightfall campaign is finished. Those who choose this option will also get a complete set of elite gear. It should be emphasized that if the user buys the boost, everything they own and any equipment they might have acquired during the campaign would be gone. Yet missing a tale does not count towards finishing Legendary Mode or any of the tasks, therefore the associated Triumphs remain unachieved.

For those who wish to become familiar with Lightfall quickly without playing through the campaign three times, this technique is helpful. Having tried out the new Strand subclass and other improvements, it will provide players greater freedom to select their favorite Guardian class. Representatives at Bungie stated that for the time being, this functionality will only be accessible in Lightfall.

The Lightfall expansion was released on February 28 on PC and consoles.

Who Can Use Boosts?

Destiny 2 lightfall boost can be useful for players who want to increase their performance and gain an edge in battles. Here are a few examples where using boosts can be especially helpful:

  • Players who are engaged in PvP battles and want to become more competitive. Boosts to increase running speed, reload weapons or reduce the cooldown of abilities can help you react faster to events on the battlefield and gain an advantage over opponents.
  • Players who want to complete certain missions or tasks faster. Boosts to speed up movement, reduce the time to complete tasks, or increase the chances of obtaining valuable rewards can help reduce the time to complete content.
  • Players who participate in raids or other difficult missions where you need to deal with a large number of enemies and/or strong bosses. Boosts to increase damage, speed, defense, etc. can greatly simplify the task and help achieve victory.

But it is worth noting that the use of boosts is not always necessary. They can only be useful in situations where the player feels they need extra help and are generally not necessary for a successful game.

Where Can You Buy Boosts?

Boosts for Destiny 2 Lightfall can be purchased from several locations. Below are a few options where you can buy boosts:

  • Game Forums and Communities: The Destiny 2 Lightfall Forums and Communities are where you can find other players selling or trading boosts. This can be handy if you want to buy boosts with in-game currency or find other ways to get items at no additional cost.
  • Official Bungie Store: There is a store on the official website of the game where you can purchase various in-game items, including boosters. To buy boosts, you need to go to the store on the Bungie website, select the desired product and pay for it through the appropriate payment system.
  • Game Key Stores: You can also buy boosts from popular sites that sell game keys and in-game items. It can be, for example, G2A, Steam, or Humble Bundle. Purchase goods on such sites should be careful not to get scammed.

It is important to note that you should only purchase boosts from trusted places to avoid getting scammed or buying items that could harm your account. In addition, the use of boosts must be consistent with the rules of the game, so as not to get a ban or other troubles.

Benefits of Using Boosts

Using boosts in Destiny 2 Lightfall can have several benefits for players. Below are the main advantages of using boosts:

  • Increasing the Chances of Getting Valuable Items: Some boosts can enhance the likelihood of obtaining valuable game items, such as exotic weapons or armor. This can be especially useful for players who want the best gear in the game.
  • Improving the Game Experience: Using boosts can make the gameplay more interesting and varied, which can help players enjoy the game more.
  • Performance Boosts: Many boosts aim to increase damage, speed, or defense, allowing players to complete tasks in the game faster and more safely. For example, using a damage boost can allow you to kill enemies faster and complete missions faster.
  • Speed Up Progression: Using boosts can help players progress through content faster and reach goals in the game. For example, a boost to increase the speed of movement will allow you to complete missions and tasks faster.
  • Gaining an Advantage: Boosts can give players an advantage over other players in PvP modes. For example, a weapon reload speed boost will allow the player to shoot faster than the enemy and kill enemies faster.

However, it is worth remembering that the use of boosts is not always necessary and may not be available for some players. In addition, boosts should be used wisely and not overused, so as not to upset the balance of the game and not spoil the experience of the game for other players.


Using boosts in Destiny 2 Lightfall can be a good solution for players who want to increase their performance, gain an advantage over other players, speed up progress, and improve the gaming experience. However, boosts should not be abused and used wisely so as not to upset the balance of the game and not create unfair conditions for other players. In addition, it is worth remembering that the use of boosts is optional and each player can decide for himself whether he needs these additional features in the game.×338.jpg?t=1678813639

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