First Three Dragon Quest Games Coming to Switch Sept. 27

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Square Enix is bringing the first three Dragon Quest games to Nintendo Switch on September 27.

The original three Dragon Quest games are known as the Erdrick trilogy, and include Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, and Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.

The original Dragon Quest launched in 1986, but didn’t reach North America until 1989, under the title Dragon Warrior, for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The series would remain under the Dragon Warrior name up until Dragon Quest 8 in 2002.

The RPG series was incredibly popular in Japan, though lagged behind Final Fantasy’s popularity in the United States. Both series were instrumental in jump-starting the entire Japanese Role-Playing genre on consoles. The Dragon Quest games spawned numerous sequels, including Dragon Quest 2 and 3, which hit North America in 1990, and 1992 respectively. The latest game in the series, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, released last year.

The Erdrick trilogy is named after a legendary hero, from whom the original protagonist is a descendant. The first three games involve the Erdrick bloodline, though each tells a separate, complete story.

Those hoping to relive the classic games in all their pixelated glory may be disappointed to learn that the Switch ports are not using the original 8-bit games, but the more recently remastered mobile ports, with updated art and menus.

The three games will be sold separately on the Nintendo eShop. Dragon Quest will be $4.99, Dragon Quest 2 will be $6.49, while Dragon Quest 3 will be priced at $12.49. All three games are rated T for Teen.

Classic RPGs Grandia HD Collection Coming to Switch Next Week

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GungHo Online Entertainment America has announced the release date for Grandia HD Collection. The collection includes HD remasters of Grandia and Grandia 2, and will release on August 16 on Nintendo Switch. The Grandia HD remaster is also coming to PC (Steam) at a later date. It will be released as a separate purchase as Grandia 2 is already available.

The classic late 90s, early 2000s Japanese RPGs feature a unique combat system that employs both real-time and turn-based mechanics. You’ll also discover rich characters., vibrant worlds, orchestral music, and a sweeping story.

The HD remasters include enhanced user interface, sprites and textures, as well as an overall enhancement to cinematic videos. The PC versions will also include Steam achievements, widescreen support, and custom resolutions.

The original Grandia arrived in the US on the PlayStation One in 1999, with the more popular sequel arriving in 2000 on the Dreamcast, and in 2002 on the PlayStation 2. Both games are heavily inspired by anime and other JRPG clichés and tropes, but remain one of the more beloved, if lesser-known, JRPG series from yester-year.

Grandia HD Collection will arrive on the Nintendo eShop on August 16. Grandia II Anniversary Edition is available on PC (Steam), and will be renamed Grandia II HD Remaster. The original Grandia HD Remaster will arrive on PC at a later date as a separate game purchase.