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New Songs Coming to Rock Band Rivals

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Harmonix has announced that a bunch of new songs will be coming out for Rock Band Rivals in December. Rivals is an expansion for Rock Band 4 that was released in October of this year. In addition to including some new songs, Rivals introduced a few unique gameplay features to the experience such as the titular Rivals mode. The upcoming release of new tracks on the DLC music library is another way that Harmonix has managed to expand Rock Band 4 and keep the game feeling fresh. Read More

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Amplitude Review: Old School Returns

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Available on PlayStation 4

There used to be music games that didn’t involve plastic guitars or microphones. It’s shocking, I know. Whether you’re too young to remember or the thought has simply vanished into the forgotten past, the concept is different than what we’re used to these days. But that doesn’t mean those music games were less complex or less fun to play —to the contrary, actually. Amplitude is one of those games. Read More

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Harmonix Employees Reviewing Their Own Game on Amazon

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Last night, reddit user Documental38 was looking through the Amazon reviews of Rock Band 4 and discovered that several of the positive reviews had in fact been left by employees of Harmonix. As of the initial reddit post, they had found reviews by seven Harmonix employees, not just one or two. None of the employees had identified themselves as such, though it was easy to figure out who they were by simply Googling their names. Read More