Amplitude is a music game by Harmonix that, unlike Guitar Hero and Rock Band, doesn’t need plastic instruments. Amplitude was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2003. And now, thanks to Kickstarter, a reboot of Amplitude is making its way to the PlayStation 4 on January 5.

Amplitude had the beginnings of what would become the gameplay of today’s music games. You press buttons in time to orbs that stream toward you in separate channels. Each channel represents part of the music—guitar, vocals, etc. If you hit enough of the orbs in any track correctly, you “capture that track” for a time period, where you can move onto another track. Sound familiar?

When it was released, Amplitude was loved by both gamers and game critics. The game has an 86/100 score on a Metacritic, and the Kickstarter campaign to bring it back reached its funding goal in less than a month. The goal was reached back in May 2014 and the reboot has been in development ever since.

Amplitude will cost $19.99 and include more than 30 songs. Of course, if you backed the game for $15 or more on Kickstarter, you’ll get it free. If you laid down at least $40, you’ll get the game a couple of weeks earlier, on December 23.

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