PAX South: Gurgamoth Review

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Were you seeking a two- to four-player party game where you battle your friends for the honor of awakening the eldritch god Gurgamoth with your own sacrifice? Well, you should be, because it’s one of those games that makes you say “just one more round,” over and over until it’s way past when you should’ve gone to bed, and everyone glares at you as if they are prepared to sacrifice you to the glory of Gurgamoth for a few more precious hours of sleep. Or they would, if they weren’t having an amazing time playing the game, too.

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Game Culture

Four Cool Ways Video Games Bring Us Together

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We spend a lot of time at Pixelkin—and in gaming communities in general—talking about how games bring us together. Co-op and online multiplayer features are often touted as “proof” that video games aren’t just antisocial war simulators. I think what we forget is that games bring us together in lots of different ways—gamers love to watch each other play, to bring gaming culture into real life, to create fan fiction and art, and to talk endlessly about games. Read More