Meta Publishing and and NExT Studios have announced that physics-based, co-op platformer Biped is coming to PlayStation 4 on April 8.

Biped stars a pair of cute robots Aku and Sila who look like they’re on break from the movie Wall-E. In a human-less time, the robots have been sent down to Earth to restore its power.

The main campaign is designed with two player simultaneous co-op. The robots have two suction cup legs that are controlled individually using both sticks of the controller. The robots can walk, slide, grapple, and fling each other as needed through 30 stages of forests, waterfalls, and mountains.

The platformer also features more challenging pro missions as well as solo missions for one player.

“We tried to make our game literally for everyone,” writes Ding Dong, producer, NExT Studios, in PlayStation Blog. “The control scheme and fundamental mechanics of the game are so simple and straightforward that everyone, of all ages, has not yet had any problems picking it up and having a fun time instantly.”

Biped previously launched on PC (Steam) last month. It’s available on PlayStation 4 starting April 8, with a Nintendo Switch version coming soon. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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