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No, Video Games Don't Make You Hallucinate

A study claiming that playing videogames can result in misperceptions and visual distortions of real-life objects and environments was just released. The researchers likened these distortions to pseudo-hallucinatory experiences. Does the...Read More

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Sex in Video Games: Erotic Japanese Games–Can Kids Play Them?

We’ve talked about sex in video games before, with the aim of reassuring families that it’s unusual and really nothing to worry about. However, there is one aspect of sex...Read More

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Blizzard Listens to Parent Demands

Blizzard Entertainment, creators of the Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo games, have acquiesced to parent demands that in-game purchases be less accessible for kids. Blizzard sent out a letter recently letting...Read More


5 Games that Challenge Your Child’s Creativity

Wading through the multitude of game titles for children can be daunting. Every year I struggle to find games for my nieces and nephews that are both age appropriate and...Read More

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This is What Gaming in 8 Different Countries Looks Like

Video games span the entire world. Here is a series of snapshots that take a look at the diversity that gamers can bring to the table—people of all different cultures...Read More

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7 Tips to Help Games Fit Into Your Adult Lifestyle

When Kotaku contributor Tina Amini recently posted a list of seven easy tips for busy gamers, I was interested. We’re grown-ups, and that comes with its perks and its pitfalls. Nothing...Read More


Operation Supply Drop: Veteran Brings Games to Soldiers on the Ground

In an interview with Russ Pitts on Polygon, Captain Stephen Machuga talks about his efforts to supply deployed troops with video games. We’ve explained before about the mental benefits kids can...Read More

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Parents, Play Some Games!

There’s no question that games are everywhere now. We’ve got game commercials during prime-time TV, about half the people glued to their mobile phones during the morning commute are playing...Read More

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10 Healthy Gaming Snacks That Won't Get Your Fingers All Greased Up

Tired of the grease and grime that builds up on keyboards and controllers when your family eats while playing video games? I’ve spent my whole life trying to find the...Read More

All the Reasons You Need to Game With Kids

It’s sometimes hard to find time to play games. But just in case you need encouragement, Conor Murphy of Big Fish Games has put together a sweet list of reasons...Read More

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Moms and Dads: Are You a Protector?

We’ve idolized heroes and warriors for centuries—people love imagining themselves in the role of protector.  In books, plays, and movies—and yes, in video games—we stretch social mores to allow for...Read More

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4 Delicious Video Game Desserts for Your Next Party

Is a swarm of hungry teenagers invading your house to play on your new PS4 or Xbox One? Maybe you want to convince your friend to let you borrow her...Read More

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Where Are the Meaningful Choices for Teens?

Making a meaningful choice is one of the most powerful things a player can do in a game. For those not familiar with the concept, meaningful choices are most often...Read More

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