Super League Gaming is the “world’s first recreational video game league in a cool movie theatre.” This week Super League Gaming is holding Minecraft tournaments in several Seattle-area movie theatres.

It’s a weekly event that’s just recently launched, and over 80 theatres are participating, including Regal, AMC, Cinemark, and iPic. Players simply pick up some tickets, bring their laptops, and settle in for a tournament while they munch on popcorn. Tickets cost $20 for the summer sessions and $120 for the fall sessions.

Super League President and COO Brett Morris is a dad.  “It’s incredible how many kids are spending hours playing or watching YouTube videos of others playing this game [Minecraft] and we thought there just had to be a way to bring these kids, who were all playing alone in their rooms, together somehow,” he says. “As a parent, you want your kids to explore their passions, but when they’re by themselves, consumed in this other world, you can’t help but want them to be out with other kids their age, connecting over shared passions. That’s what Super League is meant to do, bring gamers together for some good old fashioned competitive fun in a safe environment.”

Super League’s proprietary technology allows players to merge on one screen (a big screen). They can play normally on their own laptops, but everyone shares a third-person aerial view on the theatre’s screen.

Super League Minecraft is the first game being offered. CaptainSparklez, a wildly popular Minecraft YouTuber, will be appearing at some events. (Ask your kids if you aren’t familiar with the name. Chances are they can tell you all about him.) You can vote on the next tournament’s game of choice on Super League’s website.

Super League’s Co-Founder and Chief Visionary, John Miller, says: “There are all kinds of leagues out there, but there’s still a vast group of gamers who don’t have any way of organizing themselves into recreational teams. We were just a group of dads who saw that void and thought this would be a great way to bring gaming to life. Gamers learn how to cooperate, how to develop their social skills, and work together toward a common goal over a period of time. The core concept of teamwork is still there. We’re just evolving the playing field.”

Seattle’s Super League summer dates are:

June 29th

AMC Kent Station 14, 4-5:40pm

June 29th

iPic Redmond, 4-5:40pm

June 29th

Regal Thornton Place Stadium 14 Seattle, 4-5:40pm (open to media)

June 30th

AMC Pacific Place 11 Seattle, 4-5:40pm (open to media)

June 30th

Regal Barkley Village Stadium 16 Bellingham, 4-5:40pm

July 1st

AMC Southcenter 16 Tukwila, 4-5:40pm

You can find dates for other cities on Super League’s website.

Check out the video if you’re a little unsure about what this all entails.

P.S. We really appreciate the diversity of gamers shown here!

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