Hello Pixelkiners! I hope you’ve all recovered from last week’s E3 news binge. Starting in July, Xbox Live Gold members will get two free games with the Games With Gold program for Xbox One. Xbox 360 owners have already been getting two games a month with Games for Gold. The difference is that Xbox One games will only be available as long as you have Gold membership. So hey, if you’ve got it, take advantage of free Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and So Many Me next month!

Hideko Konno, one the main designers of Mario Kart, is reportedly going to be working on Nintendo’s mobile games. The news comes from Reggie Fils-Aimé himself, the president of Nintendo of America.

Meanwhile, Nintendo’s Splatoon has now sold over a million copies, including 476,000 in the Americas. Splatoon just came out on May 29, so that’s…wow. Wow.

LEGO Worlds is the quintessential LEGO experience in a video game. It’s currently in early access, which means players can leave feedback on issues they find. Eric Watson gave us a preview of his LEGO Worlds experience, and so far it’s sounding pretty good. Check out that article to figure out what it does better than Minecraft, and what it’s still missing.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “man, I wish I could cross-stitch my favorite video game character, frame it, and put it on my mantlepiece,” I have such good news for you. Courtney is going to tell you exactly how to do just that. She made a cute Kirby for our office, but she’ll show you how to make almost anything you want. Read the article and watch the video for more.

Our own Linda Breneman gave an Ignite talk a few weeks ago about how video games changed her relationship with her teenage son. That’s kinda the reason why our site exists, and you can watch the talk on YouTube right now. So go ahead and do it!

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