Geocaching video screenshot

Geocaching: The Video Game of the Outdoors

Now that summer is rolling around, you might be looking for more ways to get outdoors while still enjoying the awesome benefits of gaming together as a family. Geocaching is your solution! This awesome...Read More

Xbox controller gaming

Welcome to Guardian Games Week

If you haven’t yet, you might want to check out the UK Guardian’s Game Week! The Guardian, a British news site, will be covering special topics such as sex and...Read More

Twine header image

Make Your Own Adventure With Twine

Many gamers have dreamed of making their own games. There are plenty of resources for people learning how to code, but getting from the early coding lessons to a fully...Read More

PS Vita Pets puppy

Virtual Pets Coming to the PS Vita

Virtual pets are coming to your PlayStation Vita today! The E-rated game Vita Pets will let kids care for adorable puppies (my weakness) and take them on adventures. According to...Read More

The Secret World

There’s no Monopoly on Heroism in the Real World, or in The Secret World

We have all imagined what it would be like to be gifted (or cursed) with the ability to see a spirit world that ordinary people cannot. The Secret World is...Read More

Toca town header

New Release: Toca Town

The Toca Boca team released a new app called Toca Town. Toca Boca is behind many successful apps for kids, including Toca Boca Birthday Party, as recommended by expert mom Megan Peters on this...Read More

Angry Birds learning

They’re Not Really Angry: These Cute Birds Can Help Kids Learn

Finnish people are proud of their educational system.  And they should be. As Adam Lopez writes in The Guardian: “Teachers are respected, exams are shunned… [Finland] is highly regarded across the globe...Read More

Mario Kart 8

New Release: Mario Kart 8

Today brought the release of the latest installment in the Mario Kart series, Mario Kart 8 for Wii U. The new racing game is very similar in spirit to its...Read More

Just Dance movement gaming

Active Gaming Is Good for you–but why Make it all About Weight Loss?

UnitedHealth Group has conducted a study on the effects of active video games on childhood obesity. The 16-week program confirmed that children who played active video games on the Kinect...Read More

Watch Dogs

New Release: Watch Dogs

One of the most widely anticipated games of the year just came out and…it’s perhaps a little less exciting than we thought it would be. Despite high reviews, Ubisoft’s Watch...Read More

5 lies video

Hi-Res Episode 3: Five Lies You've Been Told About Video Games

Have you noticed that the media gets kind of, uh, intense when talking about the dangers of video games? Here are five common misconceptions you’ll hear—and a few reasons to...Read More

No Lazy Gaming. What Comes After Minecraft?

Last summer I met two boys (both under 10) who were thrilled to learn I played Minecraft. They wanted to know what I had built. “Um, a really ugly castle,” I...Read More

Super Mario mushroom clock

16 Games You Can Finish In Under 10 Hours

Most gamers get kind of upset when a game they like is too short. They feel cheated. But there’s nothing that says shorter games are worse games. Most of us...Read More

Big Brother is watching privacy

When You Game Online, Your Info Is Saved. But Who Saves It?

In the last decade of popular online console gaming, a generation of human beings has gone from tiny babies to hormonal middle schoolers. If you’re a young person, that might sound...Read More