Apple Offers Up Seeds of Reparation

Apple Inc. recently agreed to provide full refunds to parents whose kids accidentally spent money on microtransactions. Sometimes families can rack up thousands of dollars in debt without even noticing....Read More

Xbox One with controller

4 Reasons I’m Buying an Xbox One Now

I’m a Microsoft person. Always have been. I’ve had my problems with Microsoft products, sure, and gotten frustrated at times, but who doesn’t get frustrated with technology? (Apple people? Maybe,...Read More

game dev at computer

What It's Like To Be a Woman in School for Game Development

Mariko, aka Gamerwife, recently spoke to Tina Kalinger, a game developer-in-training, as part of her series of fantastic interviews of women in game development.Read More

Eve Online

10 Games for Your Space-Obsessed Kid

Is your kid absolutely crazy about space? A space-themed game could pique their interest and let them explore genre-specific themes. But where do you start? The good news is, there...Read More

that dragon cancer empathy games

NPR On Reaching Out With Empathy Games

A recent NPR story has highlighted the growth of emotional, story-focused indie games—a trend that could make gaming increasingly accessible to players who look for more than pulse-pounding action. These games...Read More

steam family screenshot

Steam Family Gaming Options Now Available

Game distributor Steam has recently announced the introduction of new family options for all of their users. Starting last week, any Steam user may enable family settings that can hide...Read More

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Only a Few Days Left To Submit!

The contest is finally… Wait, no. You still have a few days left. A few of you have expressed interest in submitting over the weekend, so we’re extending the deadline!...Read More

awesome games done quick 2014

The Race is On! Gaming for Charity

In a recent Kotaku story, Steve Mariconz featured Awesome Games Done Quick, a week-long charity event organized by Speed Demos Archive (SDA). Twice a year, expert gamers gather and play through classic video...Read More

brain lit up

No, Video Games Don't Make You Hallucinate

A study claiming that playing videogames can result in misperceptions and visual distortions of real-life objects and environments was just released. The researchers likened these distortions to pseudo-hallucinatory experiences. Does the...Read More

Cradle Song Visual Novel Game

Sex in Video Games: Erotic Japanese Games–Can Kids Play Them?

We’ve talked about sex in video games before, with the aim of reassuring families that it’s unusual and really nothing to worry about. However, there is one aspect of sex...Read More

Mario stacks of coins

Blizzard Listens to Parent Demands

Blizzard Entertainment, creators of the Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo games, have acquiesced to parent demands that in-game purchases be less accessible for kids. Blizzard sent out a letter recently letting...Read More


5 Games that Challenge Your Child’s Creativity

Wading through the multitude of game titles for children can be daunting. Every year I struggle to find games for my nieces and nephews that are both age appropriate and...Read More

Rotimi Tewe

This is What Gaming in 8 Different Countries Looks Like

Video games span the entire world. Here is a series of snapshots that take a look at the diversity that gamers can bring to the table—people of all different cultures...Read More

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7 Tips to Help Games Fit Into Your Adult Lifestyle

When Kotaku contributor Tina Amini recently posted a list of seven easy tips for busy gamers, I was interested. We’re grown-ups, and that comes with its perks and its pitfalls. Nothing...Read More