If you’re a fan of Hearthstone and are eagerly awaiting the release of the The Grand Tournament, you can take a look at all 132 of the new cards on the Facebook page for the game. A quick count of the new Hearthstone cards reveals nearly 20 of the cards are legendary minions. Blizzard has yet to set an official release date for the expansion. Players can pre-order the expansion for $49.99 and receive 50 packs with the new cards, as well as a special card back.

new hearthstone cardsAnother glance at the cards shows how the “Inspire” status will work. If a minion has the Inspire affect, something will happen every time a players uses his or her hero power. The inspire cards seem to focus on raising the health or attack of a minion. One gives the minion windfury for a turn. Windfury is the chance to attack twice within a turn. There are new spells and legendary minions for specific classes as well as those that can be used by any class.

Besides the new cards, there will also be a new playing field, which is the background the game is played on. All of these playing fields have little interactions that you can fiddle with while wating for your turn. The new one will no doubt have some of these as well.

The Grand Tournament was announced in July. Though there is no release date, it appears Blizzard is busy preparing for it; the game has had a few updates in the past month.

Hearthstone was released last year and currently has more than 2 million players. This isn’t the first expansion for Hearthstone. Other expansions added new cards and playing fields, while others were single-player adventures that resulted in some rare cards. The Grand Tournament seems to be the biggest expansion to date.

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