THQ Nordic revealed the release date for upcoming remake Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed. Rebrushed will release on September 24 on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox ($59.99).

The Epic Mickey remake has been developed by Purple Lamp, in collaboration with Disney Games. Watch original developer Warren Spector announce the remaster in the new video above.

Originally released in 2010 as a Wii exclusive, the 3D platformer stars Mickey Mouse in an original adventure. Through a magical mishap, Mickey becomes trapped in a twisted version of Disneyland called Wasteland. Armed with a paintbrush, Mickey can use paint and thinner to manipulate and restore the world of forgotten Disney characters, such as Oswald and Clarabelle.

While not very successful, it spawned two sequels and renewed interest in Mickey’s darker, more adventurous side.

The remake includes more dynamic skills for Mickey, including dash, ground pound, and sprinting.

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is also getting a fancy Collector’s Edition.

The Collector’s Edition ($199.99) includes the following:

  • 28cm statue of Mickey Mouse, wiedling the paintbrush
  • A keychain featuring Oswald the rabbit
  • A tin sign featuring Mickey
  • Six postcards featuring Wasteland locations
  • Steelbook case
  • Costume Pack DLC
  • The full game!

Pre-orders of either version receive the Costume Pack DLC, as well as 24-hour digital early access to the game.

The Costume Pack includes extra outfits for Mickey. They’re inspired by classic Mickey shorts, including Steam Boat Willie, Football, and Brave Little Tailor.

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is rated E10+.

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