Disney Speedstorm has added the emotions from Inside Out with Season 8: Journey of Emotions, now live on PC and consoles.

Journey of Emotions adds the five main emotions from the original film as racers. As usual, some of them are locked behind the seasonal Golden Pass ($9.99).

  • Joy (Speedster) requires the premium tier of Golden Pass Part 1.
  • Sadness (Defender) requires the premium tier of Golden Pass Part 2.
  • Fear (Defender) can be unlocked via the free tier of the Golden Pass.
  • Anger (Brawler) is unlockable via the Season Tour.
  • Disgust (Trickster) is unlocked through this season’s Limited Time Event.

Two emotions from the new sequel, Anxiety (Speedster) and Ennui (Trickster), will join the roster later through mid-season events.

The new season adds new Crew Members from the films, including Riley and her family and friends. The new track, Riley’s Mind, takes racers through the familiar landscape within the young girl via six different circuits.

Season 8 also introduces a new team vs team mode.

In Team Mode, two teams of three players will compete in competitive Ranked Race matches. In team races, racers’ abilities will smartly harm enemies and boost allies, letting teammates synergize their skills. Dashing allies also provides them with unique buffs and boosts, depending on the racer’s class.

Ranked Races also adds a new Player Rank progression. Players earn Player Rank as they play and win Ranked Races (solo and team), unlocking racers, crew, and other rewards.

Disney Speedstorm is free-to-play on PC (Steam, Epic, GeForce), PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox. It’s rated E10+.

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