Slime Rancher 2’s latest content update adds a new in-game store — and no, there are no real-money microtransactions. The Add to Card, Prontomart v0.5 update adds the Prontomart store, where Beatrix can spend in-game currency Newbucks on new items such as decorations and slime gadgets.

Watch the manic trailer above, which my 12 year old loves.

The Prontomart store is located in the Conservatory, and includes two subshops, Polestar Provisions and Coo-Coo Corner.

Polestar Provisions sells new gadget blueprints. Over 50 gadgets include fully interactive toys and items such as light-up music floors and seesaws, as well as 31 gadget variants for different color combinations.

Coo-Coo Corner sells Slime Toys to keep your slimes happy. Each slime has a favorite toy, and Coo-Coo Corner includes over half a dozen different toys. Each platform also an exclusive toy, such as the Glo Glo Foxifur for Steam players, which every slime loves.

The free update also expands the Conservatory with the new Digsite area. The Digsite adds four new plots, and includes hidden treasures to send to the museum.

Slime Rancher 2 is a cozy sci-fi ranching game where players explore an alien world in first-person, discover new slimes, and keep them happy and fed while expanding the ranch.

Slime Rancher 2 is still in Early Access, and available on PC and Xbox Series X/S. It’s releasing on June 11 on PlayStation 5. Pre-orders can play early, on June 7. It’s rated E10+.

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