Strategy game developers Amplitude Studios are hosting the deepest of discounts for their 2014 hit, Endless Legend. Anyone with a Steam account can download Endless Legend free until May 23. Once claimed, the game is yours to keep forever.

Even if you never play it, you can’t argue with 100% off!

Endless Legend is definitely worth playing. It’s a 4X turn-based strategy game, similar to the Civilization series. It’s set in a fantasy world, and acts as a prequel of sorts to the futuristic space-based Endless Space.

In Endless Legend, plays guide one of eight fantastical factions as they carve their empire into the world. Explore Auriga, train heroes, assimilate minor factions, research technologies, and meet the neighbors.

Factions are asymmetrical, and many play entirely different from one another. Necrophages eat everyone and cannot make alliances. Roving Clans can pick up and move their cities. The Broken Lords don’t require food. And the plant-like Mykara operate out of a single city.

Amplitude Studios released numerous DLC packs for Endless Legend over the years. They’re not entirely free, but at 80% off are still a pretty sweet deal.

In fact, Amplitude’s entire library of strategy games is currently on sale, including their most recent strategy releases, Humankind (75% off) and Endless Dungeon (50% off). Grab the entire Amplitude Collection, which includes all their games and DLC, for 72% off.

The sale ends May 23. Endless Legend is rated T for Teen.

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