Aging but still family-friendly MMORPG Wizard 101 is receiving a big update. The Portal of Peril marks the return of popular Housing Gauntlets, but for a limited rotation.

Players who are level 30 and above can soon enter Madame Magda’s Portal of Peril, located in the Wizard City Fairegrounds. Up to three Portal Passes can be used each day. Rewards for completing the gauntlets include the new Fortune Coins, which are used to craft new loot.

When entering the Portal, players will scale to the appropriate level for the following tiers: 50, 100, and a new level 150 tier.

Each gauntlet will be available for one week. The first Portal of Peril event begins April 23.

Pixie Posts are a new feature for Wizard 101 arriving with the update. By clicking the Send Mail button when inspecting a character, players can send each other notes via Pixie Post. Players are limited to six Pixie Posts per day. Posts must be filtered chat, and players with menu chat only cannot receive messages (ages 12 and under).

Other new updates include the Quest Find Finder, making it easier to group with random people and tackle quests together. Spell Inspect grants additional details when right clicking on a spell card. Badges have been revamped, including new descriptions and unlocks. Guilds have also been expanded, increasing the roster to 60 and adding some quality of life improvements.

Full update notes can be found here.

Wizard 101 is a free-to-play MMORPG that uses a turn-based, card-based combat system. It launched back in 2008 but is still going strong, with numerous updates and expansions. Wizard 101 recently relaunched in Europe in 2022. It’s available on Steam PC, and rated E+.

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