Card game video games continue to grow in popularity each year. Now’s the perfect time to jump in (or expand your collection), with the Steam Deckbuilders Fest. Until April 1st, find some of the best indie games, card games, and board game adaptations of the last few years with deep discounts on PC.

Must-have pick-ups include Inscryption (50% off), Gloomhaven (50% off), Cobalt Core (20% off), Monster Train (70% off), Loop Hero (67% off), and Belatro (10% off).

Though Belatro is only 10% off, it’s currently the hot new card game. It transforms normal playing cards and poker into a roguelike deckbuilder. It’s currently hovering around the 50 spot in Steam’s Most Played Games list, which is impressive for a card game.

I will push back on the term “Deck Builder,” however. Deck builder refers to a certain kind of card game, where players begin with a base set of weaker cards, then acquire more powerful cards as they progress. The most famous video game example is Slay the Spire, which is, very weirdly, not part of this sale!

However, for the sake of this sale, it includes pretty much any game that features cards. Some are roguelikes, some are RPGs, and some are digital adaptations of bestselling board games, such as Gloomhaven, Aeon’s End, and Spirit Island.

Card games also play great on the Steam Deck.

During the sale, Steam users can also nab free cosmetics: a deck shuffling avatar, a deckbuilder frame, and a new animated sticker. As a fan of card games (board and otherwise) I’m currently rocking the deckbuilder frame.

The Steam Deckbuilders Fest ends April 1 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern.

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