Mega-popular collectable card game Disney Lorcana just saw its third set release with Into the Inklands earlier this month. But the cycle of a CCG moves at breakneck speed. Publisher Ravensburger has already announced the fourth set: Ursula’s Return. Ursula’s Return will add the family Madrigal from Encanto, as well as the first-ever solo and co-op mode.

The new co-op mode is featured in Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble. The new box set is designed for 1-2 players. It continues the ongoing storyline from previous releases, with Ursula’s reign of terror as she possesses King Triton’s trident.

Deep Trouble includes two player-ready decks, and a special high-powered deck designed just for Ursula, whom players battle against. In a fun nod to legacy board games, the set also includes a sealed pack of cards with instructions to open only after defeating Ursula.

Like previous waves, Ursula’s Return will also feature two new Starter decks. The new Encanto cards can be found in the Amethyst and Amber Starter Deck, featuring Mirabelle and Bruno as the foils. The other Starter Deck is Sapphire and Steel, and features Hercules, and what looks like a Floodborn armored Anna from Frozen.

The wave also includes booster packs, a new Illumineer’s Trove, and two new playmats featuring previous fan-favorite card art, Tinkerbell and Rapunzel.

Other confirmed cards in this wave include cantankerous wizard Yen Sid, and spiffy Floodborn versions of Ariel (Sonic Warrior) and Mulan (Elite Archer).

Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return will launch at hobby retail stores on May 17, and in mass retailers on May 31.

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