After four years of Steam Early Access, Indie studio Eleventh Hour Games have released the 1.0 version of action-RPG Last Epoch ($34.99)

Last Epoch is a loot-happy, Diablo-like isometric action-RPG designed by a team of veterans of the genre, building upon industry giants such as Diablo, Titan Quest, and Path of Exile.

The game features five base classes, and each class has three masteries, for a total of 15 class archetypes, from Necromancer and Paladin to Falconer and Void Knight.

Furthermore each of the 120 different skills can be enhanced and altered to fine tune your specific build.

The world of Last Epoch is less “where” and more “when,” taking place throughout four distinct eras that cover thousands of years, as you try to stop the Void from consuming everything.

Oh, and did we mention that Last Epoch can be played single player and offline?

And apparently actor David Harbour is such a big fan of the game, the designers created a special cosmetic item based on his favorite character. Harbour made the announcement via Instagram.

“I want to sincerely thank all of our fans from the bottom of our hearts,” said Judd Cobler, CEO, Eleventh Hour Games, and Game Director for Last Epoch. “We are a team formed from the ARPG community, and to be able to make it this far with Last Epoch and share this creation with you is a dream come true. We cannot wait for you to experience the full release and the awesome plans we have for the future.”

In addition to the standard edition. Last Epoch has a Deluxe and Ultimate Edition. Both editions feature several in-game cosmetic and digital soundtrack.

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