Paradox Interactive’s answer to 4X strategy series Civilization, Millenia, has a release date: March 26 on PC (Steam, $39.99).

Millenia tasks the player with building and expanding their empire throughout the historical ages of human history.

The gameplay builds upon Humankind‘s Cultures and Ages by organizing human history into ten distinct ages, with their own unique units and technology. Ages can be rooted in history, or inspired by what-if scenarios, such as alien invaders, rogue AI, or steampunk technology.

Ages unfold based on player’s actions. Conquer your world early and you could trigger an Age of Blood. While exploration-heavy players could enter into an Age of Heroes, inspired by Greek Mythology.

Culture and real-world civilizations have been replaced by National Spirit, defining your empire’s bonuses and special abilities. Players can specialize into six different domains, including exploration, diplomacy, and warfare, creating their unique civilization.

Pre-orders receive the entire 55-track digital soundtrack.

Millenia is also available in a Premium Edition ($59.99). The Premium Edition includes the two-part Expansion Pass, which will release two post-launch DLC packs later this year, as well as two unique unit skins that are unlocked right away.

Millenia is developed by C Prompt Games and published by Paradox. It’s out March 26 on Steam.

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