It’s the ultimate meme deck: a Disney Lorcana deck consisting of 99 copies of Puppy: Tail Wagger! The new card coming with the third set, Into the Inklands, has a unique ability: you can include up to 99 copies of it in your deck (regular deck limit is four).

It’s a cute reference to Disney animated film, 101 Dalmations. The puppy cards themselves aren’t all that special, a 2-cost Amber character with a decent amount of strength and wisdom (especially for a puppy!) and can quest for one lore. The puppies are Common, making them easy-ish to acquire.

But here’s the real kicker: Puppy: Tail Wagger is the first non-enchanted card to receive multiple variants with different artwork. Each card art is more adorable than the last. Apparently, each set will feature five variants, creating a mini collect-athon within the collectible card game.

Also coming in the new set is daddy Pongo: Determined Father, another Amber character, and a Super Rare. Pongo doesn’t synergize specifically with puppy-heavy decks, but his ability to reveal a character from your deck would pair well with any character-heavy deck (and most are!).

Into the Inklands will release February 23 in hobby stores and Disney Parks, and March 8 at retail. This year is shaping up to be a big one for the popular CCG, with additional sets coming throughout the year, an official competitive tournament circuit spinning up in May (with prizes!), and the release of a new player-friendly two-player starter set later this fall.

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