LEGO Fortnite is officially live, transforming the survival-building multiplayer world of Fortnite Battle Royale into the lovably blocky world of LEGO.

Watch the cinematic trailer above, and the gameplay trailer below.

LEGO Fortnite is available as a free expansion within Fortnite, which is free-to-play on PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and mobile devices. Like Fortnite, it features crossplay between platforms.

LEGO Fortnite isn’t simply a LEGO version of Fortnite’s uber-popular last-person-standing Battle Royale. It’s focused more on cooperation, adventure, and survival.

Players can join worlds, build homes and villages, craft rare weapons, and discover powerful foes to take down.

Basically, it’s LEGO Minecraft.

When creating world, players can choose between survival and sandbox. Survival is the more standard mode, where players will need to start small, gather and harvest resources, and fight enemies while exploring the open world.

Sandbox mode is where creation can really shine, as players are given a bottomless supply of bricks and resources, and can swiftly fly around the map.

Up to eight players can join a single world, and each world has an age rating to help keep younger players safe.

Since you’ll need Fortnite to play LEGO Fortnite, an Epic Games account is also required to play. Existing Fortnite players will get a leg up, as over 1,200 Fortnite Outfits appear as LEGO versions.

The best and most important news, is that this isn’t some limited time mode or special event. LEGO Fortnite is here to stay as an official game-within-the-game spinoff.

LEGO Fortnite is rated E10+.

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