DC and CCG Lab have released DC Dual Force, a comic-inspired collectible card game based on DC comics, as free-to-download on Steam and Epic Games Store.

In DC Dual Force, players combine two heroes or villains, and play recruit cards and actions to defeat their opponent.

In addition to standard 1v1 competitive play, Dual Force also includes a single-player story mode inspired by the comics, such as defending Earth from Darkseid. New story comics will be added each week.

The official launch adds two new playable comics centered around an evil, Joker-like version of Batman called The Batman Who Laughs.

Players can purchase three new Leader bundles featuring Death Metal versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Leader Packs cost 1,300 gems (about $13) and include a Leader card, five booster packs, and death metal-themed profile image and card back.

“The comics we have featuring The Batman Who Laughs are very dark – just right for Halloween, but they really deliver what’s special about DC Dual Force,” said Tobin Lent, COO, CCG Labs. “As many folks know, The Batman Who Laughs is from a timeline where Batman loses his sanity to Joker’s toxin and recruits six other Dark Multiverse Batmans after they each alter themselves to get superhuman abilities. These Dark Knights then run havoc over the multiverse. In our playable comics, you get to play as these Dark Knights against our core heroes, earning prizes along the way. It’s really a fantastic experience. I can’t wait for players to try it out.”

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