Theme park sim Park Beyond has received its largest update with patch 2.0, as well as its first DLC release in Beyond Extreme.

Beyond Extreme is the first DLC pack to release as part of the Park Beyond Annual Pass. The DLC adds two new story missions (and sandbox maps) with a new 90s theme that focuses on extreme sports, street art, and festivals, including over 250 new scenery objects.

The expansion also adds two new flat rides, new coaster module and track type, and new music tracks and prefabs.

Patch 2.0 includes lots of quality of life improvements. Highlighting and snapping paths for easier placement, directly ordering mechanics and janitors, and easier to work with groups of prefab objects. Overall game progression has also been improved, with many missions getting rebalanced.

Maybe the most exciting update is official support for Using, players can create their own custom content, from scenery objects to custom roller coasters or entire full-fledged parks, and upload them to the rest of the the community. is cross-platform and works across the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox versions.

Full 2.o patch notes can be found here.

Park Beyond is currently on sale for 41% off on Steam PC and Xbox Series X/S. It’s also available on PlayStation 5. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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