Modus Games and Italic Pig have released cute farm sim Paleo Pines on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox ($29.99).

Aside from enjoying the cozy village and building your dream farm, you’ll also be discovering and befriending the many friendly dinosaurs that roam the area.

By giving them treats and playing on your flute, you can domesticate them and move them into your ranch — if there’s room! Each dinosaur has a special ability that helps with farming or exploring.

Your primary companion is your trusty Parasaurolophus mount, who appears to be the last of her kind.

Throughout the story you’ll expand your ranch and teach tamed dinosaurs to help out at the farm. By exploring the world, you’ll find more and rarer dinosaurs, and discover what happened to the other Parasaurolophus.

For insight into the development, enjoy a three hour stream with the developers, Italic Pig, on Steam.

Paleo Pines is out now on Steam PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox. A demo is also available on Steam. Paleo Pines is rated E for Everyone.

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