Slime Rancher 2‘s next update is adorably named Come Rain or Slime, adding new weather effects and the return of two slimes from the first game.

Weather is coming to Rainbow Island, including rain, wind, thunderstorms, pollen clouds, and even tornados. In addition to adding a challenging, dynamic new element to exploration, weather also adds two more slimes to the island.

Returning from the original Slime Rancher, the Tangle and Dervish slimes will arrive in update 2. Both slimes will undoubtedly react to the new weather.

Here’s a snippet from the latest news post from developer, Monomi Park:

But we also feel like this weather system accentuates a particular style of play we see a lot in Slime Rancher: simply being in the world and taking in its beauty. Because for all the silliness in its premise, and the chaos that comes from wrangling slimes, we believe Slime Rancher often delivers moments of calm, where nothing much is meant to happen–save for you unwinding after a long day. And it’s in these quiet moments that a gentle rain along the coastline, or crisp breeze rolling through the Rainbow Fields, takes on new meaning.

Update 2 will arrive later this fall.

Update 3 is coming early next year, and feature placeable gadgets and decorations.

Slime Rancher 2 is available via Early Access on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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