Mobile game Pokémon Masters EX is celebrating its Four-Year Anniversary with special events, giveaways, and bonuses.

The biggest news is the addition of three new duos in the form of champions (protagonists) from the original Red/Blue/Yellow Kanto region.

The new Master sync pairs are as follows:

  • Red & Articuno – an Ice-type pair with the Kanto Spirit skill, which powers up the Sp. Atk of all sync pairs. Their special move, Frozen Wings Ice Beam, can freeze opponents.
  • Leaf & Moltres – a Fire-type pair with the same Kanto Spirit skill. Their Fiery Wings Flare Blitz attack changes the weather to sunny and may burn their foes.
  • Blue & Zapdos – an Electric-type pair with Thundering Wings Roost, which restores the hit points of sync pairs by 30%.

Red is available with the Red Master Fair Scout event right now. Leaf will open up on August 29, and Blue on August 31. All the Master Fair Scout events end October 6th.

The Four-Year Anniversary Event will also add the in-game story event, Neo Champions: Three Trainers, Three Minds. The event features the Pallet Town Trio, and is available until October 1.

Log in during the event to earn gems and 10-Pair Scout Tickets. The tickets can be earned by logging in before September 14, up to ten days for a total of ten 10-Pair tickets, or 100 sync pairs! Tickets must be spent by September 21.

Players can also log in up to seven days to receive up to 4,000 Gems, before September 6.

Pokémon Masters EX is free-to-download on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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