Tinybuild and Tinybuild Riga have released Hello Engineer on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox ($14.99). The former Stadia exclusive is a crafting and physics-puzzle spinoff of the popular Hello Neighbor series.

Hello Engineer features a campaign with over 20 missions set in Raven Brooks theme park. The theme park includes different zones such as space and western.

Each mission requires you to build different vehicles to overcome obstacles and opponents. Presumably you’ll also be trying to keep away from vigilant creepster neighbor Mr. Peterson? I’m not actually sure how he factors into this one.

Vehicles and puzzles operate on semi-realistic physics, so you’ll have to manage your power, steering, axles, and more to make it to the end.

Constructions can be saved and uploaded via the Steam Workshop on PC. Players can build together in up to four player co-op.

In addition to the story mode, players can enjoy freeform building with the unlimited sandbox mode.

Hello Engineer is available now. It’s rated E10+ with Fantasy Violence. Free demos can be found on Steam and Xbox. The Steam version is also currently on sale with a hefty launch discount of 35% off. The sale ends August 24.

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