Two Point Studios have announced the third DLC expansion for sim management game Two Point Campus. The Medical School DLC will release August 17th on PC (Steam), PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox ($9.99).

Clearly inspired by its predecessor, Two Point Hospital, Medical School adds new levels, new student and room types, and dozens of new items.

Now your students can train to become doctors and nurses. They’ll have lots of hands-on experience curing real patients in the health clinic, noggin’ nabber, and psychiatry rooms, with cheeky diseases such as Brain Farts and Lightheadedness.

Fans of Two Point Hospital will recognize the consequences of not treating patients — they expire and become ghosts who haunt your buildings! Medical equipment can catch fire if not properly maintained, and hordes of patients can arrive all at once during careflight emergencies.

Three exotic new campus locations show off the need for newly trained practitioners of medicine. The isolated region of Lake Tumble, the precarious mountains of Pointy Peak, and the heated beaches of Molten Rock — built right next to an active volcano.

Medical School will be available with a 10% launch discount. It’s also a great time to pick up the base game and other DLC packs. Two Point Campus is discounted to 50% off through August 10th on PlayStation and PC.

Two Point Campus is rated E10+.

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