SEGA and Two Point Studios have announced a new Jumbo Edition for hospital management sim Two Point Hospital. The Jumbo Edition includes all previously released DLC expansions and item packs – except the most recent one, and will be available on March 5 on PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox.

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition includes the first four expansions and two item packs, for a total of 27 hospitals and nearly 200 illnesses to diagnose and treat.

The Bigfoot expansion adds the wintery Pointy Mountains, as you help Bartholomew F. Yeti improve the healthcare of the region. Pebberley Island adds the tropical region of Pebberley Reef, including lost jungles and mountains. The Close Encounters DLC includes classic sci-fi conspiracies and secret bases, and illnesses such as Science Friction. Off the Grid focuses on more realistic themes, as you work toward creating a more environmentally-friendly hospital.

The Retro Items and Exhibition Items packs add dozens of new items and decorations to place in your hospital, from pinball machines to dinosaur skeletons.

The previously released Two Point Hospital: Console Edition includes only the first two DLC expansions, Bigfoot and Pebberley Island. Both versions include remixed versions of the most popular levels, as well as the ability to design and save individual room templates.

The fifth and most recent expansion, Culture Shock, released last October on PC, adding new artist and celebrity-themed illnesses and hospitals. Two Point Hospital is rated E10+ for Animated Blood and Crude Humor.

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